Basements have ideal conditions for mold growth

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Basements have ideal conditions for mold growth
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Added: 23-03-2011
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Basements have ideal conditions for mold growth. I don't know about you, but I have a "man cave". You know, a finished basement where I basically live if I'm not eating or sleeping. And it's a wonderful place to be as long as you realize that the potential for mold growth is much higher in basements. Here's why. Since warm air rises, basements are typically cooler than the rest of the house. In the summer this makes the basement damp, due to the higher relative humidity. If you are not running a dehumidifier your basement humidity is creating ideal growth conditions for mold. Mold needs moisture - and that's what a basement will provide, especially in the summer. Keep in mind that below-ground structures will never be as dry as above ground structures, so it is important to pay attention to moisture problems. Now some basement moisture problems are also due to leakage. Homes built in the 1970's or earlier are likely to only have minimal water protection around the foundation. As homes age, their water proofing systems break down - even well designed systems could potential fail. Leakage into the home is sure to lead to mold problems if not addressed immediately. To have your basement thoroughly inspected for these problems we encourage you to contact us by visiting our website at And be sure to check us out on Facebook as well.

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