A leaky toilet gasket can cause severe water damage

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A leaky toilet gasket can cause severe water damage
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Added: 23-03-2011
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A leaky toilet gasket can cause severe water damage. Well we all know the bathroom is one place where we'd expect to find moisture. However, most bathrooms today are built to stem the development of water problems - ceramic tile, mold and mildew resistant wallboard, and tiled floors are some of the ways that bathrooms are better equipped to handle moisture issues. However, if you have a leaky toilet gasket, no matter how many precautions you may have taken, you could experience severe water damage problems. Leaking gaskets are a pretty common problem with toilets. The principal concern will be damage that occurs if the water gets into the floor or around the toilet. Any kind of moisture problem which is not immediately resolved will eventually lead to mold problems occurring. The good news is that toilets are pretty simple structures. It's a simple process to replace parts, but be sure you know where the water is coming from and make sure you have solved the problem completely. Otherwise, you might be trying to fix a much larger mold problem later on. For more information mold issues, mold testing and removal, be sure to visit our website at http://www.bustmold.com, and check us out on facebook as well.

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