Fishhook Removal

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Fishhook Removal
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Posted By: lifeisgood (2171 days ago)

Been there done that! Trust me when I say I feel your pain!

Posted By: Jack (2695 days ago)

Wow thats all lol looks alot like pain to me.

Posted By: Andy (2697 days ago)

I had to do the same thing.....but mine worked the first time, you can
also cut the barb if the hook was all the way out......that had to

Posted By: Dan (2697 days ago)

That must hurt.. ouch

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Added: 27-10-2007
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Never remove a fishhook that is embedded in the eye or face seek medical attention immediately to have it removed. A fishhook embedded in skin should be removed by a doctor but just in case you wanted to do it yourself.

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