How Seaweed can help spots -- featuring Carol Smillie

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How Seaweed can help spots -- featuring Carol Smillie
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Added: 08-12-2011
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Spots and acne can make teenagers' and people's lives a misery, whatever their age but a range of revitalised and innovative seaweed-based treatments, harnessing the power and science of the sea, has been developed further by the skincare experts at OXY for women and men./nWith 20 years of spot skincare expertise, the revitalised range of OXY topical skin treatments -- developed using the latest science and backed by clinical research -- has been designed to tackle spots, blackheads and excess oil within four hours, while leaving the skin hydrated and healthy. Now a new clinical review paper has revealed just how effective the combination can be, with new data showing that OXY can reduce the size and redness in four hours and spot count by 29.1% within just two weeks of use and by a hugely impressive 61.2% within 56 days. In addition, trial work has also proved that OXY can reduce the number of spots in just 48 hours ./nOXY skin preparations contain several active ingredients with proven activity against skin problems. Two in particular, Phycosaccharide® AC, produced from brown seaweed, and Zinc PCA -- a complex of zinc - have been the subject of extensive laboratory research and human clinical trials. In addition, OXY's natural ingredients work on the skin without triggering redness, irritation or other unwanted side effects, unlike the potential side effects caused by other over the counter treatments./nCommon acne topical treatments -- applied directly to the skin -- include antibiotics and retinoids, the last of which are compounds related to vitamin A. While these treatments help tackle spots, they can also raise the risk of unwanted side effects, including skin irritation, redness and soreness, and in the case of antibiotics, potential resistance to bacteria strains through over use./nHowever, there is now a safe and effective spot treatment option for teenagers, plus women and men still suffering spot woes in their 20s, 30s and 40s from OXY. Marine-sourced compounds called phycosaccharides, which are harvested from brown seaweed, are at the centre of the latest scientific research into OXY's range of spot treatments. In the latest research, independent health researcher Dr Carrie Ruxton examined data from 45 reports and previously published papers, plus data from a new clinical trial to investigate the potential that phycosaccharides can have for tackling acne and skin problems./nBrown seaweed (Latin name - Laminaria digitata) is harvested under ecologically-controlled conditions from the seabed off the coast of Brittany, France, and is a rich source of potassium, sodium, magnesium and iodine. Research shows that the seaweed is also a good source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Dr Ruxton's paper set to be published, says that marine organisms have been found to offer a host of biological activities including anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.

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