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Name: Luis Anthony Ast
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Relation: Single
Website: http://www.videomathtutor.com
Hometown: Gary, Indiana
Current City: Nogales
Current Zip: 85621
Country: United States
Occupation: Math Tutor and Producer of Educational DVDs
Companies: VideoMathTutor.com
Schools: University of Arizona, Arizona State University

About Me:

I am known as The Video Math Tutor. I provide students from 7th grade through college with free and premium ($$$) math videos and printable notes of my own creation. I have over 31 years of tutoring experience. Topics covered include arithmetic and algebra. TI-84 graphing calculator keystroke guides are heavily integrated in the lessons. Quiz questions are answered at the end of each lesson. I have a reputation of making math seem easy and even fun to understand using my creativity and unique sense of humor.
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